Tai Chi Overview

Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Tai Chi Overview

Promotes Balance in Life

Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking – how is tai chi any different than yoga? Great question, we’re so glad you asked! Though they both serve similar purposes, they are performed in very different ways. To begin with, it focuses on the concept of Yin and Yang, something yoga typically does not take into consideration. Britannica explains that this Chinese philosophy believes in “the two complementary forces – yin and yang – that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.” In other words, traits and qualities that are opposite of each other can actually complement and harmonize with one another. This promotes the idea that balance is essential to healthy and fulfilled living. But this isn’t the only factor that differentiates it from yoga. While yoga emphasizes sharp moves that are held for long periods of time, this discipline flows from move to move. So if you’re deciding between yoga and tai chi, it all depends on how you like to exercise!

Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Tai Chi Overview

Supplies Surprising Health Benefits

As you watch someone dance through the graceful and fluid motions of tai chi, you probably don’t suspect the many physical health benefits it provides. However, it has been shown to drastically improve endurance, flexibility, weight management, balance, strength, and sleep quality. Additionally, it eases the effects of aging. Though tai chi can and should be practiced by people of all ages, it provides unique and incredibly important advantages for older adults. Research has found that it decreases an older adult’s amount of accidental falls. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce the pain and symptoms of various illnesses and diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Tai Chi Overview

Combats Stress and Anxiety

When discussing the years tai chi can add to your life, it’s not fair to just talk about physical health. In fact, mental health is likely to have just as much of an effect on this finding. Similar to yoga, it prioritizes deep mindfulness and careful breathing throughout every step of the workout. The meditative quality aids in relaxation, eases anxieties, and relieves depression.

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