Kummooyeh Sword and Archery Overview

Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Kummooyeh Sword and Archery Overview


Kummooyeh is a traditional form of Korean archery and swordsmanship that focuses on form and technique. Kummooyeh, also called Kumdo in short is composed of many types of training, such as meditation, basic movements, sword patterns, cutting, sparring techniques, and Korean traditional archery. Each type has a different purpose for developing Kummooyeh students. Our weapons classes are oriented around personal development and creating a strong sense of community.

Experience the most unique martial arts in Gloucester county when you train in Kummooyeh here at Martial Arts Institute and Fitness!

Kummooyeh is a phenomenal way to experience traditional martial arts in a fun, supportive environment. You can enjoy learning traditional Korean sword and archery techniques as you develop focus, coordination, and quick reflexes!

  • Develop lightning-fast reflexes
  • Gain a precise sense of hand-eye coordination
  • Have fun learning diverse sword forms
  • Learn Korean archery
  • Develop focus, coordination, and quick reflexes!
  • Get in touch with a great community
Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Kummooyeh Sword and Archery Overview


Sword forms are a core element of Martial Arts training, teaching the student many of the necessary skills needed when fighting (sparring). Through set movement patterns, the student develops discipline, concentration, endurance and power, all without physical contact or risk of getting hurt. These skills are essential to everyday life, and to practicing Martial Arts.

The theory and practice of the sword are harmonized in cutting. Speed, accuracy, power, footwork and concentration of intent. Cutting is the Art of Swordsmanship in practice.

Sparring is the application of all sword practice, against an opponent. All elements of Kummooyeh are essential for effective sparring. Speed, reaction time, accuracy, judgment, mental and physical control. The student must apply all their knowledge and skill to overcome an opponent.

Korean traditional archery is a unique form of archery practiced only on the Korean peninsula. It is the evolution and result of many unique individual influences which have occurred in the country’s history. Nowadays Korean traditional archery is practiced as a martial art primarily for self-control and mental training rather than focusing on practical use for hunting or as a combat weapon.

Taught a pattern of breath control, the student will learn to slow their heart rate, and calm themselves when under pressure. Sitting meditation then advances to the practice of Kichon, a form of moving meditation, where the student develops a strong control over the self.

Martial Arts Institute and Fitness Kummooyeh Sword and Archery Overview


Kummooyeh, like other martial arts, requires discipline and a dedication to training. A new student begins with learning the basics such as etiquette, different postures and footwork, and how to properly swing and cut with a sword. Meet new friends and mentors! Try out our weapons classes here in Glassboro and see how Kummooyeh can help you become more poised and confident. Martial Arts Institute and Fitness is proud to work with people of all ages and experience levels!

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