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Amara Benson, Martial Arts Instructor

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Amara Benson

Ms. Amara Benson grew up watching her father, Master Benson, attend karate classes at a very young age. She started her first Tang Soo Do karate class at the age of 7 under Master Benson in 2001. Through the years she has learned many different martial forms under her father and grandfather: Tang Soo Do Korean Karate, Taijiquan, Haidong Gumdo-Korean Sword, Brazilian Jiujitsu, KravMaga as well as various weapons. Ms. Benson has instructed classes in Tang Soo Do, Taijiquan, Haidong Gumdo, Kickboxing Aerobics, Women's Self Defense, and weapons. The martial arts have instilled confidence and discipline in Amara. These characteristics have helped her get through any challenges in life.

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