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Korean Weapons Training in Glassboro

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The Only Traditional Sword and Archery Training in Glassboro!

At Martial Arts Institute And Fitness, our weapons classes teach the ancient art of Korean sword and archery usage -- through the World Kummooyeh Federation. These classes give students the opportunity to learn better hand-eye coordination, heighten their reflexes, and gain ironclad discipline! Join us in Glassboro and discover the excitement of Traditional Korean Sword and Archery as well as its long history as a traditional martial art.

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What Is Kummooyeh?

Kummooyeh is a traditional form of Korean archery and swordsmanship that focuses on form and technique. Kummooyeh, also called Kumdo in short is composed of many types of training, such as meditation, basic movements, sword patterns, cutting, sparring techniques, and Korean traditional archery. Each type has a different purpose for developing Kummooyeh students. Our weapons classes are oriented around personal development and creating a strong sense of community.

Experience the most unique martial art in Glassboro when you train in Kummooyeh here at Martial Arts Institute And Fitness!

Through Kummooyeh, you can:
  • Develop lightning-fast reflexes
  • Gain a precise sense of a hand-eye coordination
  • Have fun learning diverse sword forms
  • Learn Korean archery
  • Get in touch with a great community

Kummooyeh is a phenomenal way to experience the traditional martial arts in a fun, supportive environment. Join us in Glassboro and enjoy learning traditional Korean sword techniques as you develop focus, coordination, and quick reflexes!

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Kummooyeh, like other martial arts, requires discipline and a dedication to training. A new student begins with learning the basics such as etiquette, different postures and footwork, and how to properly swing and cut with a sword.   Meet new friends and mentors! Try out our weapons classes here in Glassboro and see how Kummooyeh can help become more poised and confident. Martial Arts Institute And Fitness is proud to work with people of all ages and experience levels!

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